Cooking Section: Rosemary Bryce

Rosemary Bryce moved to Colston in the Winton area in the early 80s when she married Ross Bryce. They had two children, Malinda and Michael. Rose was always a keen supporter of the Winton Show especially the cooking section and she most often won Champion Cake with her legendary sponge. Rose made these celebration sponges for many family and other occasions and there was never a flop, they where always perfectly risen and golden! She once commented to me that, if she dies, people would only remember her for her sponge cake, nothing else. Rose sadly and unexpectedly passed away in February 2000 and it wasn’t long after that a suggestion was made that a memorial award be given for the Champion Cake each year at the show in her honor. At first I was very reluctant, her words ringing in my ears. I did agree after a while, the suggestions having been made with all god intentions, but I also decided that it would bring her to the minds of people at that time every year, and bring comfort in her remembrance to her family. If she doesn’t like it… well that’s what she gets for being such a good cook!

Rosemary Bryce Memorial Champion Exhibit
2016 Winner: J. Clark
2017 Winner: L. Murphy
2018 Winner: L. Lenton
2019 Winner: N. Durack
2020 Winner: No Show Held
2021 Winner: –
2022 Winner: S. Clark
2023 Winner: C. Campbell


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