Nominations for the 2021 Winton Show Pavilion will open on a date to be advised in 2021.

To enter into this section submit the nomination form available to download from this page along with your entry fee.

If you wish to post items for exhibition in our Show, please remember to include a reply paid envelope so we can return them to you.

Entry can be made to: OR
Attn: Pavilion Chief Steward, PO Box 97, Winton Show Qld 4735

For further information:

Pavilion Chief Steward
Mandy Smith – 0428 723 403

Cookery Steward
Amanda Sciascia – 0413 239 280

Handicraft Steward
Bronwyn Searle – 0438 937 790

Gardening Steward
Cyndi McQueen – 07 4657 3929

Photography Steward
Rhiannon Collins – 0477 168 148

Art Steward
Emma Brodie – 0428 573 060

School Steward
Jo Dionysius – 0418 762 656

Dark Rich Fruit Cake Recipe Ideas
Dark Rich Fruit Cake Recipe Ideas
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Memorial Awards

Joan Little

Joan Little (ne Smuksta) was born in Chicago in 1943, later moving to California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Long Beach City College, then travelled extensively, meeting and falling in love with John Little in Europe and later marrying him. She taught in Townsville for a few years, before settling at Lanifer, Winton in 1970. Always trying different arts and crafts (her daughter Tina remembers wood burning, enamel jewellery, pottery, watercolour painting, sewing and embroidery), she had a love of photography and donated her time to teach classes each week at StPatricks School in Winton. Joan was always a keen supporter of the Show, with entries in a multitude of sections (chooks in the Poultry Pavilion and cooking, gardening, art and photography in the Main Pavilion). Joan passed away in 1987 after battling breast cancer and is remembered as a beautiful person with a cheerful outlook on life.

2016 Winner: S. Clark
2017 Winner: S. Clark
2018 Winner: B. Searle
2019 Winner: A. Ellis

Marg Wooderson

Margaret (Mag) Wooderson was born in Longreach in 1907 and moved to Winton with her family a few years later where she lived until her death in 2000.

She is best known for her dress shop Woodersons Frock Salon which was situated in the North Gregory Hotel building. It was the first business to be established in 1955 in the newly completed hotel. Her dress shop provided many a Show Ball or Show day outfit and she continued to run it until 1980, when she retired after selling the business to Tracy and Barbara Hardy.

Her house in Vindex Street had a dedicated room for an art studio and she liked to dabble in art. Mag was always a keen supporter of youth, and this was one of the reasons that prompted Jeff Close and Bente Moller to establish the memorial awards in 2001.

2016 Winner: J Hasted
2017 Winner: J. Durack
2018 Winner: S. Sorensen
2019 Winner: H. McCalman

2016 Winner: S. Fogarty
2017 Winner: S. Clark
2018 Winner: B. Elliott
2019 WInner: A. Ellis

Nat Thompson

Nat loved preparing for the Winton Show; she would take the week off work to go and organise her sections. Nats love was the Art Section and she would take great pride in writing the cards up in her beautiful calligraphy handwriting. Nat started helping in the School section of the Pavilion in the early 1970s.

2016 Winner: S. Cant
2017 Winner: T. Fogarty
2018 Winner: R. Bradshaw
2019 Winner: J. Clarke

C M Lenton

Mildred Lenton as she was known, was involved in the Handicraft side of the Winton Show for many years; either helping or entering many of her own Handicraft items. She was known in her family for making many different items from cross stitch to teddy bears. Mildred was awarded an OBE for her services to the Community and Methodist Church.

2016 Winner: J. Fogarty
2017 Winner: J. Fogarty
2018 Winner: T. McQueen
2019 Winner: J. Turnbull

Barbara Howard

Barbara lived in the Winton district for over 52 years. The Howard family moved into Winton in 1980 when the family purchased the Winton Newsagency.

Barb was actively involved with many committees during this time including the Winton Pastoral & Agricultural Show Society Inc., where she was Cookery Steward till 2009. In 2010 the Winton Show started the memorial trophy for her in the Special Occasions cake section supported by her children.

2016 Winner: J. Clark
2017 Winner: J. Clark
2018 Winner: N. Durack & L. Lenton
2019 Winner: N. Durack

Rosemary Bryce

Rosemary Bryce moved to Colston in the Winton area in the early 80s when she married Ross Bryce. They had two children, Malinda and Michael. Rose was always a keen supporter of the Winton Show especially the cooking section and she most often won Champion Cake with her legendary sponge. Rose made these celebration sponges for many family and other occasions and there was never a flop, they where always perfectly risen and golden! She once commented to me that, if she dies, people would only remember her for her sponge cake, nothing else. Rose sadly and unexpectedly passed away in February 2000 and it wasn’t long after that a suggestion was made that a memorial award be given for the Champion Cake each year at the show in her honor. At first I was very reluctant, her words ringing in my ears. I did agree after a while, the suggestions having been made with all god intentions, but I also decided that it would bring her to the minds of people at that time every year, and bring comfort in her remembrance to her family. If she doesn’t like it… well that’s what she gets for being such a good cook!

2016 Winner: J. Clark
2017 Winner: L. Murphy
2018 Winner: L. Lenton
2019 Winner: N. Durack

Tania Lenton

Tania was a staunch supporter of the Winton Show. Tania loved her Handicraft and took great pride in her quilts, also offering her time throughout the show week preparing sections of the pavilion throughout the years. Tanias other love at the show was the horses and especially the pony/childrens section. She would never fail to help in the horse ring when needed and in Tania’s words I help as long as I am in the Kids Ring.


2017 Winner: L. Lenton
2018 Winner: L. Lenton
2019 Winner: –

Chris Angus

Chris retired to Winton in 1990 with her husband Ray. And almost immediately become heavily involved in community groups, such as QCWA and Lionesses. She also loved preparing and entering into the local show, every year. Putting entries in numerous cooking sections as well as handicraft. Which included knitting, sewing, jigsaws and dressing her vintage dolls.

She went on to become a pavilion volunteer, taking the week prior to the show to help set up the various sections. Then went onto become the Steward of the handicraft section, here she was in her element and really enjoyed the task. In the 2018 following her passing the family sponsored a Memorial Aggregate Trophy for the handicraft section in her name.

2018 Winner: E. East & J. Muntelwit
2019 Winner: L. Lenton